New arrivals on the Place du Mont-Blanc

Marguerite, Louise and Emily aren’t mountain cows (as their names might suggest) but three cars which make up a new car-sharing fleet which has just been launched in the heart of Chamonix. Named “Les Ponettes” (the ponies), the two-seater, electric cars are on trial during August and September and available for short trips around the Valley to anyone with a driving license (issued at least 3 years ago).

ponettesPhoto from

To use the cars you just need to download the oneblip app and sign up to the “Les Ponettes” group and for €7 per hour (billed by the minute after the first hour) you can travel up to 100km (at speeds of up to 100 kmh) at your leisure.

The “Ponettes” are part of a program run by Transdev which is backing projects aiming to combat mobility and air quality issues in the mountains.

Tip: use the code TROPBIEN when you book your first outing for a 70% discount. For further information take a look at the “Les Ponettes” Facebook page –

Ponettes 2Photo from

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