Changes coming for Route des Pélérins

A presentation was made last night to local residents about changes to the circulation on Route des Pélérins, linking Chamonix centre to les Pélérins. The issue has been the levels of “transit” traffic, heading between the Mont Blanc tunnel roundabout and the town centre, as well as a lack of pavements along most of its length.

Pelerins Map annotated

The new proposals will be tested between September and October with a consultation/review shortly thereafter. These actions will be:

1. The addition of a 1.5m wide pavement between Avenue du Courmayeur (main bus stop) and the Medical Centre (former hospital) on the northern side (the right as you head away from town). The road will narrow but will remain two-way, with “chicanes” added in various positions to break up the traffic flow.

2. From Chemin de la Forêt, just after the Medical Centre, up to Descente Joseph Marie Couttet, the road will become one-way, heading away from town. A pavement will continue on the southern (left) side of the road, with a cycle land heading into town in the opposite direction. The purpose of this is to interrupt transit traffic to encourage vehicles onto Promenade Marie Paradis (along the River Arve), which is full width with a full pavement already.

3. For the final part of Route des Pélérins up to Route Benoit Couttet, nothing will change so as to allow easy access to the shopping arcade in les Pélérins and the Ecole Jacques Balmat.

Angry meeting

Mountain Base directors, Matt and Andy, who both live in the area, have welcomed the changes which will undoubtedly reduce traffic in the area and enhance the quality of life in an increasingly popular sector.

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