Lights, Camera, Action!

cinema_vox_0Photograph from

Sometimes even Chamonix’s most avid skiers and keenest mountain climbers need some downtime and for families, residents and visitors alike a trip to the cinema can make for an enjoyable evening and provide welcome respite on a rainy afternoon.

There has been a cinema in Chamonix since 1908 and since 1958 it has been the family-run, independent Cinema Vox. However despite its managements best efforts and the support of the association “Les amis du cinema” (whose main aim since its creation eight years ago has been to try and boost the cinema’s popularity and profits), change is afoot and Cinema Vox is due to close when the current lease expires at the end of 2018.

The council is now advertising for investors to fund and run a new 4 room multiplex, which it wants to be ready to open in 2019. The chosen site for the new cinema is certainly original, occupying two of the infamous ‘coupole’ buildings built in the 1970s, not far from the town centre.

Here’s hoping the right people will come along and make sure that Chamonix’s film lovers continue to have a cinema on their doorstep which will offer as wide a range of films as possible, with a good mix of subtitled and dubbed versions to suit all tastes and preferences.

If it could keep some of the charm and originality of the existing cinema but add modern day seating, sound and snacks then that would be the cherry on the cake (or rather the caramel-coating on the popcorn!).


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